Geisha Unique Artworks on Wood and Canvas

Just in time for the exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre in October 2019, Ramona Romanu creates a new limited edition of unique pieces showing Geisha ladies with dramatic shadows on the wall, fine details in their kimonos and hair decoration. They care an umbrella which the artist has from her grandmother from the 1920th. The mixture of European and Asian style is mirrored in her unusual technique based on gouache, metallic colors and ink. Four of the artworks are made on wood (with size 40 x 30 cm) and four of are on canvas (size 50 x 40 cm). Enjoy the show…and the shadows on the walls.

Please have a look to the Gallery with all the Geisha Artworks.
Prices on demand. Please contact Ramona Romanu on email: light (at)

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