„Fallen Angel“ by Ramona Romanu at the COMEL Award in Italy

The painting that Ramona Romanu choose to participates in the international art competition shows a fallen angel, armed with a golden sword and in an aluminium suite of armor, contemplating on the ephemeral nature of human life. The artist uses different metallic leafs like aluminium, silver and gold, combined with metallic color, Indian ink and carbon on a 80 x 80 cm canvas. This piece has been finished on the 21th of June 2017 in Munich.

CO.ME.L, acronym for Commercio Metalli Latina (Metal Trading Latina), has been a leader company in the field of trading and processing semi-finished aluminum metal products since 1968.

The “COMEL Award – Contemporary Art” is dedicated to the loving memory of Vanna Migliorin, who was the heart of the company. This Award celebrates her great passion for Art and her enthusiasm in supporting new projects – even the innovative ones. She considered the CO.ME.L company to be more than just a commercial enterprise and broadened its activity to include social and cultural contexts.

The Award wants to draw attention to the expressive, aesthetic, communicative and constructive possibilities of aluminum, strengthen the relationship between business and contemporary art (1), create a vital and significant synergy between the public and artists, promote intercultural relations among European countries.

The ‘Vanna Migliorin’ COMEL Award – Contemporary Art (hereinafter COMEL Award), was established in 2012 and was turned into a European competition in 2013. It has selected 13 artists every year, enthusiastically involving media, spectators and workers in the sector, so as to be designated, since the second edition, as one of the most interesting prizes in the review of Contemporary Art.

COMEL Award 2017 maintains and consolidates the former methods and objectives, confirming the availability of a well-equipped Art gallery as the venue of the event, the ‘Spazio COMEL’ www.spaziocomel.it end the two Awards linked to the event, the ‘Jury Award’ and the ‘Audience Award’.


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